L.A. Beasts

Here we have the Best of the West!  For August 2017, let’s check out –

  • Marcella Arguello
    • Marcella is unafraid and unabashed.  Her commitment to boundary-pushing but universal comedy keeps audiences on their toes, and she never fails to deliver on the laughs.  Check her out below, and follow her on twitter here.
  • Amanda Seales
    • Tackling such subjects as race to modern dating, Amanda Seales delivers light comedy on heavy subjects.  With a heavy-hitting arsenal and unrivaled confidence, Seales remains poised as a top contender for the crown of Comedy Queen.  Check her out on twitter here.
  • Dave Ross
    • Think “Ben Folds Stylistic Comedy” for this one.  While Dave Ross may seem depressing on the outside, his take on the state of the world somehow offers a refreshing and hopeful view of the future.  Check him out on twitter here.
  • Matthew Broussard
    • If self-deprecation is the game, then Broussard is the king.  Forcing audiences out of their comfort zone for a few years now (and moving from Houston to LA in the process), Broussard has a wealth of knowledge at his disposal to force audiences to take a look at themselves and crack up laughing.  Check him out on twitter here.
  • Kate Berlant
    • Super charming and endlessly biting, Kate Berlant has a comedic styling like no other.  Although she plays well with others, she can definitely hold her own in the comedy arena (and she’s just insanely likeable).  Check her out on twitter here.